V Guard Inverter Prime 1450

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Here’s a product that assures you primeness by all means. The all-new Prime 1450 from V-Guard is one of the finest inverters of its kind that assures lesser energy consumption and bestows higher backup for a longer period. Loaded with high inrush load handling capability, Prime 1450 comes to you with a Battery Gravity Builder that ensures overcharge and deep discharge protection. This product is equipped with Normal/High voltage modes for different output voltage performances and carries a selectable charging mode for different battery technologies. With the Prime 1450, you also get to enjoy the convenience of an automatic battery water topping reminder. Another special feature that adds to the quality of this product is a Digital Signal Controller Based Design that assures pure Sinewave output.

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  • High inrush load handling
  • Battery water topping reminder
  • Single battery design
  • Normal/high voltage modes for different out put voltage performances
  • Digital Signal Controller based design for pure sinewave output
  • Battery Gravity Builder with overcharge and deep discharge protections
  • Use UPS/Normal modes easily from front switch – No need to put hand behind the inverter as in other products
  • Less energy consumption in a year as compared to any other brand
  • Normal/high output voltage models
  • Battery gravity builder
  • 32 bit DSC Based design
  • High load handling capacity with in the mentioned capacity
  • Selectable charging mode for different battery technologies (Flat/Tubular battery) and capacities (BO to 230 Ah) using selector switch
  • Intelligent Fuzzy Logic Battery water topping reminder for water topping to avoid battery failures
  • 10-15% higher back up than any other competitor brands

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Weight 4700 g
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 15 cm


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